Question – What is a Roblox executor?

Answer – A Roblox executor is a program designed by developers to cheat in-game that would normally be unallowed. Such as auto-farming, aimbot, esp, flying and many other useful features.

Question – Why do some executors have a key system?

Answer – Some executors come with a key system so that the developer/s can earn revenue and keep on supporting that executor by making updates.

Question – Why does my anti-virus detect an executor as a virus?

Answer – Due to the nature of exploiting it is common for an exploit to be flagged as a ‘virus’ due to software protection protecting the source code or the use of .DLLs which are used to execute cheats. To use the exploit you will need to disable your Anti-Virus, if you don’t know how to disable it, get the Anti-Virus’s name and go to Google and search how to disable it.

Question – What is a Roblox Script?

Answer – A Roblox script is multiple lines of code, coded by developers and coders. Scripts are used to cheat in the game and can only function with the use of an Executor.

Question – Where can I get Roblox Scripts from?

Answer – You can get many Scripts from our Home page at

Question – What are the dangers of using a Script on Roblox?

Answer – The dangers of using a Script on Roblox aren’t as bad as you might think. You can’t get into any legal trouble BUT you can definitely get banned permanently so we always advise fellow players to only use Scripts on an alternative account.

Question – Why doesn’t this script work on this executor?

Answer – The script might be patched or the exploit you are using is not strong enough to execute it, try using a different exploit as it might be using a different API. Keep in-mind that most free exploits are not capable on executing high level scripts.

Question – My game crashes every time I inject or execute a script, What do I do?

Answer – Make sure your anti-virus is turned off, and that you have these 2 installed on your computer and If you still crash try reinstalling Roblox, if those don’t fix it join the Discord server to get support.

Question – Is it safe to download Roblox Scripts?

Answer – Yes it is! LUA Scripts aren’t harmful to your computer since they only manipulate the Roblox game client. Downloading scripts from is safe as we have a team working hard to provide safe and working scripts from reliable sources.

Question – What if the Script I want is patched?

Answer – If any Scripts that you may like to download and use gets patched we advise you to contact the Reaper staff members on Discord for an immediate replacement with an unpatched version.

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